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We inventory an extensive line of only the top quality equipment and accessories. We will aggressively accommodate our doctors, health care professionals and clients with the fast and efficient special order on any item not in stock.


Hospital Beds - We stock, deliver, and set up beds. Sheets and bedding are also available.


Orthopedic - We stock an extensive array of products in this category, primarily by FLA and Camp. Hand and wrist splints for carpal tunnel, arm slings, finger protectors, tennis elbow and wrist supports, knee immobilizers, neoprine pull-on and wrap-around hinged knee braces, all side knee protectors, pull-on and lace-up ankle braces, posture correctors, cervical collars, rib belts, abdominal binders, foot care, walking boots, cast protectors, fracture boots, corset lumbar braces (special fit), lumbar/sacral supports with velcro, laborer lumbar support belts, post-op shoes and more.


Oxygen and Inhalation Therapy - We have a certified asthma specialist on staff and offer a broad range in this category. Oxygen concentrators, portable tanks, masks, cannulas, bubble humidifiers, gauges, nebulizers, medicine cups, and mouthpiece, etc.


CPAPS - Our on-site CPAP specialist can help you with a fitting and give you a personal guide on the use of Nasal CPAP and BIPAP machines and masks. Masks include "Breeze", "Swift", "Confort Gel" and "Comfort Full". CPAP tubing and filters are also available. We also service all brands of CPAPS regardless of where you purchased the machine. learn more


Diabetic Footwear - Certified fitters are on staff to measure and fit specially made diabetic shoes and orthotics. The patient's foot is measured and given a full evaluation to ensure the best fit possible. Medicare covers one pair of shoes and 3 (three) orthodics per calendar year. We also accept Medicare assignment.


Braces - for arms, necks, wrists, elbows, knees, feet and backs are available from many vendors. We stock only the best quality products.


Heat and cold therapy - comes in many sizes and shapes. Gel packs, ice bags, heating pads, and clay packs to name a few. Specialty products are also available.


Functional solutions - aiding those trying to live as independently as possible are available.


*Note: We have Medicare insurance specialists on staff to advise and educate our clients regarding their insurance rights and coverage availability. We conviently file all medical claims for qualified products and services. Client must have a prescription with medicare and diagnostic codes for insurance coverage.

*We stock an extensive inventory and are constantly updating and adding new high-quality products and supplies.



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