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Compounding is the ability to prepare unique, life saving, unavailable, less expensive and more palatable dosage form of drugs and is the basis for the professional pharmacy. Until now, physicians wanting customized medicinal therapy for their patients have been frustrated by the lack of support from manufacturers and pharmacists.


Brad Standefer, D.Ph., owner and compounding specialists, works closely with physicians and patients in educating and meeting their needs with specialized formulations in the areas of:


Pain Capsules Creams Dental Discontinued Ear Drops Enemas Eye Drops Gels Geriatric Inhalation Lip Balms Lollipops Nausea Lotions Mouth Washes Non-Aerosol Ointments Pediatrics Physical Therapy Medicated Popsicles Medicated Powders Solutions Suppositores Suspensions Syrups Transdermal Troches Veterinary


Compounding allows doctors and pharmacists to meet the special needs of patients. The most important benefit compounding offers is for those patients who may have difficulty taking or responding to commercially available medication. Some people are allergic or sensitive to preservatives and dyes, or are non-compliant to standard drug strengths. Others may have a hard time swallowing a pill, or react adversely to a medicine's taste. Working with the patient's physician, pharmacists can prepare medications in one of several unique delivery systems that are not generally available from phamaceutical companies. The result? A way to take medicine that helps increase the patient compliance.


In short, compounding allows pharmacists to customize medications to solve the unique problems of their patients and expand physicicans' treatment options. Thats why more and more physicians, pharmacists and patients are turning to it to meet medical needs.




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