If you love pets...why not give them customized care?

Pet owners want their pets to receive the highest quality of veterinary care. And veterinarians know that owners expect the same knowledgeable, compassionate care they might receive themselves. At Access Pharmacy, our compounding pharmacists can help veterinarians with especially challenging patient compliance problems. If a cat refuses to take its medicine the pharmacist, working closely with the veterinarian, can compound a medication flavored specifically to a cat's taste preference ( tuna, salmon, liver, etc. )

Depending on the animal, the pharmacist can flavor the medicine according to a wide variety of taste preferences. For example, birds may prefer sweet flavors such as grape, tutti-frutti, molasses and orange. Pharmacist can flavor equine patients' medicine with alfalfa, apple, clover or forage.

The Compounding pharmacist also can make the medication in various forms, including: topicals, solutions, suspensions, oral pastes, capsules and injections. If a small dosage is required for the animal, the pharmacist can compound the medication into the smaller increment needed, or concentrate a medication for larger animals.

In cases where the patient requires more than one medication, the compounding pharmacist can work with the veterinarian to combine more than one drug into a single dose, making it more convenient for the owner to administer.

The Pharmacist speaks...
Prescription compounding is the process of taking USP grade ingredients and making them into a suitable dosage form or altering the dosage form specifically to meet the needs of the patient. The result are custom-made prescription gels that can be absorbed into the blood stream for sore joints, artificially flavored lozenges and fatti-based suppositories, as well as capsules, inhalations, non-aerosol sprays and much more.

"Compounding is such an exciting part of the pharmacy business and while we are already successful with our human clients, we would like to receive more referrals from veterinarians on an expanded level."

"The veterinarians know what they need. We would like to know what they need and if there's a problem or a question, we will work to solve it. There are lots of things we could do by working together as allies " Compounding gives veterinarians and physicians a way to prescribe medicines that can be custom made to fit a patient's specific needs in times where a commercial prescription or over-the-counter product will not.

"We recognize that this animal is a member of a family and that the quality of work that we would do for the human, we would do for the animal.